August 26, 2014

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The Silver Leaf Finish

K.1079V Armali Chair

The Armali Chair, part of the new Heritage collection, is displayed in Dorya’s exclusive fabric set framed with an extraordinary antique silver leaf finish.  Accented design details of acanthus leaf carvings and stainless steel nail trim elevates this unique gilded finish technique.  The indulgent silver leaf process has historic origins and consists of skilled artisans applying silver-leaf with patience and precision. The radiant finish reveals a timeless style transformation from yesterday to present day modern style.  Interior designers rely on custom furniture to help their clients create unique expressions of their personality.  Dorya’s expertise in design and highly specialized 60 finishes handcrafts to perfection these delicate heirlooms for generations to come.

“A thing created is loved before it exists.”
Charles Dickens
August 15, 2014

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Luxury Dining Tables

Dorya M.2001 Dining Table

An elegant table is a rare fashion piece that commands attention in any setting.
 Defined by legendary craftsmanship, it becomes a focal point in any room.
Dorya M.1062 Trinity Ellipse Dining Table

   From a rich mix of materials, to the flawless finishes and meticulous detailing,these stunning pieces deliver a long lasting impression in the ultimate art of entertaining.

Dorya M.2000 Dining Table

Get an extra serving of elevated style for these glamorous dining tables that command attention for any setting.
Dorya MM.1035 Royal Dining Table - Masterpiece Limited Edition

Dinner for 8, 16, or somewhere in between, the ultimate luxury is having a bespoke
 table created exclusively for the appropriate seating requirements.

Dorya M.1024A Remington Dining Table

Make the entrance of your home outstanding with a pristine round dining or hall table as the center of attention in the foyer.

Dorya MM.1054 Versailles Round Hall Table

The selection must withstand the envious scrutiny from its admirers as it channels the sense for that second look.


  Handcrafted to Perfection
August 05, 2014

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One Of A Kind

B.1035 LMJ Trinity Sideboard

Modern or somewhere blissfully in between these unique sideboards illustrate a rare art that has been lost in time. Premium handpicked veneers are selected to endow the talented Dorya Artisan’s the precise materials to display their remarkable craft. 

Trinity Sideboard Lemanja Doors

Fronted by an intrigue inlaid veneer with sunburst patterns - the piece represents the exceptional characteristics of timeless and well          executed designs.

B.1030 IMP Hollywood Sideboard

The elevated impressions of these brilliant sideboards exist in the fascination of how the mix of elements come together effortlessly.

B.1015B Napoleon Sideboard

The pageantry of book matched veneers creates the elegant vibe of stately perfection for these high brow masterpieces.

B.1043 KCV Serenity Sideboard

Designed to capture the moment but last for generations….Distinctively Dorya.

July 22, 2014

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The Best One Night Stand

A.2001 Dorya

Table your thoughts on what “best” might means as we explore the exquisite and enticing forms that create the perfect bedtime story.

A.1102 Jaxine

Elegant night stands reveal an astute appreciation for cherished objects and treasured traditions.

A.1133 Pisa

Selective indulgence for drama is reflected in the details.

A.1093 Avignon

For treasures, accoutrements, and everything in-between, embrace the bespoke piece that evokes the look of couture.

A.2004 Dorya

Contrasting elements come together…fashion and function, classic and modern, to create an everyday sanctuary.

A.1112 Giulleta

Dream about Dorya – The epitome of spectacular designs.

July 11, 2014

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The Unforgettable Chaise

The chaise is the inimitable idea of tranquility translated into form, perfect for curling up – or stretching out –with a book to read or reflections of the moment. Because it often sits on its own, it has a charming air of solitude and leisure. This not only makes the chaise a relaxing seating choice but creates a livelier setting as it unifies the room. Today, we expect the grandest rooms to be extraordinary and unforgettable. Discover the impressive range of these chaises for an indulgent retreat.

K.2005L Dorya
Seductive curves and tufted details make the piece flow flawlessly.

K.1203 Alexandria

A stylish silhouette that embraces the romance of modern luxury.

K.1119L Melanie
Luxury is taken to a whole new level with exquisite dressmaker details, and beautiful fringe bespoke for a younger generation.

K.1235 Oyster Cleopatra
The unique lines and detailed stitching was inspired by natural elements that reflect and bring together a surreal form design - where luxurious style meets the glamour of modernism.

K.1042L Deniz
The radiant charisma of artisan details cast a magical spell for its future admirers.

June 28, 2014

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The Stool Soiree

Dorya P.2000G Stool/Y.200180 Bed
Relaxed glamour with timeless style and irresistible charm make up this exclusive benchmark assortment.

Dorya P.2000 Stool
           Livable luxury is defined by the graceful lines, seat appeal, and sleek-yet calm demeanor.

Y.1037KQ Oyster Bed, A.1123 Pearl Night Stands, P.1045 Pearl Stool
The understated details demand a closer look as each custom piece is positively perfect.

P.1045 Pearl Stool
 Enjoy the romance and allurement for each of these extraordinary Dorya pieces.

May 18, 2014

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The Mingles + The Nester + The Mergers

For those seeking an extra dose of glamour, looking for inspiring luxury, or in search of sophisticated elegance, discover DoryaThe Mingles, Nesters, and Mergers sets include bold statement-makers of impeccable and superior quality that offer a unique and fresh style to elevate a décor.

The Mingles create a unique alliance seen in pairs, and groups. The commitment to place multiples for center stage heightens the magnetic attraction for group therapy.

Unexpected, distinctive shapes, with varying heights and luxurious mix of materials, are call outs for these conversation starters. 

There is no intermission for this extremely edited group as they sustain the tempo for the space.

The Nesters feature compelling designs that can strut solo or maximize their visual appeal together- minimizing and elevating the space all in one.

Pieces are strategically positioned to maximize space, as well as functionally.

The attentive scale and edgy details make the nest of tables a modern choice.

Entertain in high-style with these mindful selections that offer a soothing and delicate balance for the design enthusiast.

The Mergers are a cut above the rest… A fresh and modern confidence prevails as the mergers rally to make an eloquent case for the power of refinement.
April 28, 2014

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Editor's Pick for Best of High Point Market

The delightful and stately Monmart Chest of Drawers is uniquely the center of attention for any space. This extraordinary piece exceeds design expectations, with a sophisticated air of impeccable style and quality.  The allurement of the Monmart Chest of Drawers commands attention to the delicate design details and perfection of handcrafted artisans.   The new pearl finish is magnificent, shown with a contrasting black marble top, and stainless steel hardware. Relish this amazing antique of tomorrow in 20 statement colors that offer palette perfect choices to create your own unique signature.

Editor’s Picks for Best of High Point Market 2014

Furniture Today- Vol.38 No.33 


April 24, 2014

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High Point Market Spotlight - Decorative Details

Furniture Today Magazine spotlights the spectacular Odyssey sideboard featured in a bronze lacquered frame and dusk lacquered doors with mirror inlays, and brushed stainless steel frames.
The extraordinary piece comes in 50 finish options. 
April 24, 2014

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High Point Market Spotlight - Gilded Age

urniture Today Magazine spotlights the exquisite Armali Chair.
The Armali chair is displayed in Dorya's exclusive fabric set framed with antique silver leaf, accantus silver leaf carvings with stainless steel nail trim.
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