Standing or Seating Ovation

In the furniture buying process the dining room chair is one of the few if not the only identical item you may purchase six, eight, or even more.

The selection may bring liveliness to the table or affirm understated elegance… as well as complement the style genre in a comfortable fashion.

The most fabulous finds are silhouettes that look great coming or going – More often you will see the chairs from the back, not the front.

Dorya’s 360 degree couture details and captivating style make up the catwalk for these extraordinary picks.


I.1051 Jade Side Chair
The stunning chair back radiates a lavish design that features a second fabric choice accentuated with antique brass nail trim and pull.

I.1059 Jade Side Chair
The tight seat and back shown in a velvet fabric exemplify the handsome tailoring details and stainless steel nail trim.

I.1041 Makayla Side Chair
Strutting a perfect seat at 21” wide. The chair is encased with stainless steel nail trim that outlines a Neo-Greco seat design.  The stylish tufting, stainless pull, and contrast fabric selection complements the overall charm for this selection.

I.1056 Napoli Side Chair
Highlights of the hourglass shape include the chic leather and pull for the back of the chair, with distinctive outline of the interior stainless steel nail trim.

IK.1053 Prima Chair
The chair features clean lines underscored by its stainless steel nail trim and continuous arms that wrap around the back of the chair. The chair is amazing in glossy Titanium finish with the contrasting navy fabric.

I.1040 Mia Side Chair
Antique Silver Leaf with Cognac Mahogany finish is fabulous! The welt trim outlines the graceful details of this popular design.

Handcrafted to Perfection by Dorya