Over a quarter century ago, Dorya was established with the aim of creating heirloom quality furniture handcrafted to perfection. One of the few remaining furniture manufacturers maintaining the tradition of custom crafted design; Dorya is distinguished for impeccable workmanship and aesthetics. While using state of the art technology, conventional craftsmanship is still the fundamental feature in the production process. Our innovative designs, master techniques, and ability to customize our pieces to meet any design specification have attributed to our company’s sustainability as one of the best in the industry for over three decades.

Dorya believes woodcarving is an art form and upholds the tradition of sculpturing their furniture by hand using tools dating back centuries. Every Dorya carved furniture piece is commissioned by an expert wood artisan and requires hours of effort to create. This practice has earned Dorya the reputation of providing the best woodwork carvings in the world.

The modern-craft of marquetry has changed from years past nevertheless the painstaking process and time requirement remains the same as centuries ago. Dorya, well renowned internationally for their magnificent marquetry work, believes strongly in producing heirloom-quality furniture. This philosophy requires building furniture as our predecessors have done before which requires hand-applied marquetry done by expert marquetarians. Dorya still uses this method in its factory today.

There are many techniques to applying decorative inlays. Dorya stands firm to the tradition of hand-cutting their furniture inlays and has offered this service since they established themselves in 1979. A master craftsman forms custom patterns maple, ebony, and even the highly delicate mother of pearl material.

First initiated as a utilitarian accent on trunks, the use of nailhead trim has gained popularity throughout the ages. Today, nailhead trim is used on many applications and is especially striking on upholstery. Dorya frequently embellishes its furniture using nailhead trim adding a glamorous touch to any piece. A skilled Dorya tradesman applies every single nailhead by hand warranting it is accurately placed. This process is extremely time consuming however wonderfully accentuates the elegant lines of a Dorya furniture piece upon completion.

Using the same techniques and machines as luxurious carmakers and the world’s most expensive handbags, Dorya’s stitching process is pristine and flawless. Dorya’s mission to create a work of art for its clients and to fabricate each piece with the very best materials offered today. They preserve their integrity of providing impeccable products by choosing the finest fabrics and leathers as well as ensuring each stitch is sewn to perfection.

External beauty has no relevance to quality in reference to furniture. Quality is distinguished by internal elements such as framework, density, joinery, and sturdiness. Dorya prides itself on building its furniture with the utmost quality and craftsmanship and is in the business of building heirlooms. This requires a certain level of excellence from the moment a Dorya piece begins taking shape. Dorya furniture is constructed in segments and systematically put in place to ensure a structurally sound build. Dorya’s supreme furniture construction is their use of high quality drawer glides and door hinges. A Dorya furniture owner can be proud of the exterior appearance of their furniture but also can take comfort in knowing the interior is built to last for generations.

The meticulousness and expert craftsmanship that is the hallmark of a Dorya fine furniture piece is what makes them desirable. The framing and solid durability however is what makes a Dorya piece last a lifetime. The components that make up estate-quality furniture is vital in determining its lifespan. Dorya is an award-winning furniture company with over 3 decades of experience in furniture making. Their knowledge of structural joinery and expertise in furniture assembly reigns supreme. Each Dorya work of art is handcrafted to perfection using solid wood as its backbone and is necessary for sturdiness and long-lasting strength.

Dorya travels the globe to procure the finest hardwood and exotic veneers to fabricate their furnishings. It deems only necessary they use the best quality stains and finishes to compliment their lumber. Finishing is the final stage of furniture construction and the last step before the piece departs the factory. Dorya understands the significance of this piece to its owner and takes great care in applying stains and finishes. Advanced techniques by highly skilled professionals apply these finishes in a closed environment to maintain cleanliness and precision. These specialists have years of industry experience and use the longest lasting finishes available.

Furniture hardware is often referred to as the jewellery for high-end furniture. Its beauty and uniqueness is appreciated however remaining functional is crucial. In 2002, Dorya set forth to design their very own hardware collection. Every detail in a Dorya creation is done by hand and under one roof including their metal hardware. Made of solid brass and stainless steel, Dorya’s hardware is hand-cast and custom created to order.