One Of A Kind

B.1035 LMJ Trinity Sideboard

Modern or somewhere blissfully in between these unique sideboards illustrate a rare art that has been lost in time. Premium handpicked veneers are selected to endow the talented Dorya Artisan’s the precise materials to display their remarkable craft. 

Trinity Sideboard Lemanja Doors

Fronted by an intrigue inlaid veneer with sunburst patterns - the piece represents the exceptional characteristics of timeless and well          executed designs.

B.1030 IMP Hollywood Sideboard

The elevated impressions of these brilliant sideboards exist in the fascination of how the mix of elements come together effortlessly.

B.1015B Napoleon Sideboard

The pageantry of book matched veneers creates the elegant vibe of stately perfection for these high brow masterpieces.

B.1043 KCV Serenity Sideboard

Designed to capture the moment but last for generations….Distinctively Dorya.