The Mingles + The Nester + The Mergers

For those seeking an extra dose of glamour, looking for inspiring luxury, or in search of sophisticated elegance, discover DoryaThe Mingles, Nesters, and Mergers sets include bold statement-makers of impeccable and superior quality that offer a unique and fresh style to elevate a décor.

The Mingles create a unique alliance seen in pairs, and groups. The commitment to place multiples for center stage heightens the magnetic attraction for group therapy.

Unexpected, distinctive shapes, with varying heights and luxurious mix of materials, are call outs for these conversation starters. 

There is no intermission for this extremely edited group as they sustain the tempo for the space.

The Nesters feature compelling designs that can strut solo or maximize their visual appeal together- minimizing and elevating the space all in one.

Pieces are strategically positioned to maximize space, as well as functionally.

The attentive scale and edgy details make the nest of tables a modern choice.

Entertain in high-style with these mindful selections that offer a soothing and delicate balance for the design enthusiast.

The Mergers are a cut above the rest… A fresh and modern confidence prevails as the mergers rally to make an eloquent case for the power of refinement.