In 1996, Dorya partnered with Mother Earth to introduce an extraordinary environmental program. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of solid wood and exotic veneer furniture, Dorya felt compelled to commence an environmentally conscious program to conserve the forests for future generations to come. Standing firm with the philosophy - we must replenish what we consume – Dorya brought forth this remarkable endeavor of planting a tree seedling in honor of the lumber used to produce each piece of Dorya furniture.

Dorya often produces its breathtaking furniture from hardwood solids and exotic veneers acquired from controlled environments across the globe. Highly valued for their strength and one-of-a-kind uniqueness, these materials are extremely desirable but often irreplaceable.

Advanced Engineering was developed in order to conserve the usage of irreplaceable wood on unnecessary areas. Dorya furniture is handcrafted to perfection using an extremely durable wood. Solid woods - regarded as replaceable - are used in areas not visibly apparent on a Dorya piece. Specialty woods and exotic veneers – materials considered irreplaceable – are utilized only on areas noticeable upon looking at a completed Dorya creation. This process has immensely conserved waste of this highly regarded material. 

Step 2 of Dorya’s environmental program is crucial in keeping with Dorya’s eco-friendly mission and quality control objective. With technology as its forefront, Dorya developed a resource planning computer program in order to optimize efficiency of wood usage in the company factory.

Dorya acquires its hardwoods from areas of Latin America and Africa. The moment the order arrives in the factory it is imputed into the computer system and carefully monitored throughout the manufacturing process. As lumber moves through production, this incredibly intelligent program calculates how much each piece is consumed and how much is subsequently left. This well managed process has been enormously successful in conservation of wood and minimizing landfill waste.

Since establishing this 3-step program in 1996, Dorya has generously planted over 36,000 trees vastly covering over 415 acres of land. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, one acre of forest absorbs enough carbon dioxide to produce 4 tons of oxygen essentially providing enough air for 18 people to breathe annually.  This simple yet significantly important mission has made a difference not only in the world’s landscape but also in the Earth’s air-quality and climate control. 


In 2006, The United Nations unveiled The Billion Tree Campaign to save the world’s depleting forests from wildfires and natural disasters. This campaign was launched with the ultimate purpose to replant and rehabilitate trees globally. 

Dorya, a strong advocate in reforestation, quickly joined forces with The United Nations upon hearing of their efforts. Within the first 3 years of The Billion Tree Campaign’s existence, over 7 billion trees were planted in over 170 countries. This astonishing number continues to grow annually with the collective efforts of individuals, governments and companies like Dorya. 


The Green Chair campaign was initiated with the idea that with every Dorya Green Chair sold proceeds would go to an eco-friendly charity. Appropriately named The Green Chair for its luxurious green velvet upholstery and its contribution to the world’s efforts at ‘going green’, this classically designed wing chair is a favorite among Dorya’s worldwide clientele.

Contact your Dorya representative today for further details on how you can make a difference by purchasing your very own Green Chair.